Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can't resist a classic

I feel like Michael Corleone being pulled back in. I had pretty much sworn off Ben Sherman and their latest line that still attempts to compete with other brands, instead of focusing on what made them a name brand that's lasted. Of course, occasionally a few specs of genius fall through the cracks and land in my lap. The classic short sleeve Ben Sherman in a black and blue gingham and script logo. It's always hard to shake your roots, and in this case, my roots screamed at me to grab this shirt. Looks great with some 501's, khakis, or perhaps a pair of sta-prest for that classic look. Eventually I am going to take a new direction with the site and try more pictures of items being worn rather than just shown, but or now, here's a glimpse of what was bought.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Finding fantastic customer service is a treat all in itself. Once again, I am thrilled by Claudio at DNA. I had been looking for a suitable pair of trousers for my new linen jacket and some new stock on his website brought me to a pair of cotton and silk trousers. I emailed him and asked for his honest opinion of color and texture against the jacket I already had. By the next day, an email was returned to me with a few photos of the trousers next to a rmeaining jacket he had at the shop. Who could resist? Expecting delivery tomorrow.