Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Finding fantastic customer service is a treat all in itself. Once again, I am thrilled by Claudio at DNA. I had been looking for a suitable pair of trousers for my new linen jacket and some new stock on his website brought me to a pair of cotton and silk trousers. I emailed him and asked for his honest opinion of color and texture against the jacket I already had. By the next day, an email was returned to me with a few photos of the trousers next to a rmeaining jacket he had at the shop. Who could resist? Expecting delivery tomorrow.

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  1. That's excellent! The people and places that go above and beyond basic customer service are where I'd rather spend my cash. If someone were to receive a comment on a piece of clothing, who really wants to say "Oh, this jerk sold me these, I wanted them in grey, but I had to settle for charcoal."?
    I guess the moral is that it's easier to get the perfect find when the merchant is a nice find themselves!