Saturday, June 30, 2012

Everyone's flipped

I don't know if I have made it clear in previous posts, but I am not a fan of flip flops, especially as daily wear. It promotes laziness and never looks as good as you think it does. To cut to the chase, Rachel and I went to the local Old navy to look for a shirt or two for her, and I had seen a linen shirt online that I wanted to check out in person. Little did we know it was $1 flip flop day, (limit 5) and this brought out the best of my community. The check out lines were all at least five people deep as others scrounged through cardboard bins looking for that "right pair" of dollar sandals. The only thing I can liken it to would be free paternity testing day at the dirt mall. Thankfully they had a checkout reserved for card holders (since Old Navy and Banana Republic are apart of the same company, we got to sweep in on that). The checker that helped us out then informed us that four fights have already broke out that day alone and the police were called. I am not sure if I'll be going back there anytime soon. After saying that, if you are in need of a good basic crew neck t-shirt, they had them! I managed three previously and was opting to pick up another when I was there. Got a white, heather blue, and a heather grey...every wardrobe shold have one or two...just avoid flip flop day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Made in USA

This is really just a little rant about Americana products that are losing (lost) their roots. I recieved a new catalog in the mail today from a well know clothing/outfitters. I was suprised to find almost nothing made in the USA listed for sale. Levi's, Brooks Bros., LL Bean, etc....all companies that are American icons, and yet they outsource almost everything, and if they do make a made in the US product, they jack the prices to an obscene level and the quality does not ofset the cost. I'm really not impressed. Is there any iconic American clothing that's worth its salt actually made here any more?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini Dopp project

We should all be somewhat familiar with what a Dopp kit is (and if not, a quick web search might be in order). However, I have found that a smaller, pared down version of this might be a good idea to keep tucked away in a work place drawer or stowed away in your car perhaps. I am putting together a list of contents and possible containers for said items. As always, I will update as this fleshes itself out.

*UPDATE - After giving it some thought, the idea has come out as a mini Dopp to keep in your desk drawer, briefcase or laptop bag, or even in your car; for those early mornings when you need to tune up a little, or when you are going out for drinks after work, or for any other countless reasons that would warrant such a kit.  To house this, I am thinking something cheap, small, but still possibly stylish. I am giving some thought to an old airlines toiletry bag or perhaps a container that can be repurposed (perhaps small camera bag). As for contents; travel toothbrush, mints, small sewing kit, mouthwash, aspirin, couch drops, chap stick, and maybe a few wet naps. I'm sure the list will ebb and flow, especially once a bag has been located. More to come as the weekend nears.

Short trip to the local Target during a lunch break and the dollar store next door yeilded some great finds....still lacking a storage bag however, but that shold soon be sorted out.

*UPDATE #2* - To be honest my search for a bag has been a little half hearted recently. On a recent trip to a local store for somethign else entirely, I looked around just for the hell of it. Found a plastic pencil box that not only fits everything perfectly, but a flip of the box revealed a sticker that said "made in the USA"...SOLD! It's not what I wanted exactly, but it will more than do the trick until i find something a little more aethetically pleasing. I forgot one of the best parts, $1. Can't go wrong with that.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Addition

Recently took possession of this, a 1958 Motorola HiFi record player. My good friend Paul was moving out of town and didn't care to bring this with him and so offered it to me. Needless to say I jumped at the's got great sound and is a giant improvement over my previous set up. The sound is warm and has enough volume to let the whole neighborhood hear. In addition to all this, it's got he ability to play MP3's! Thanks Paul, you'll surely be missed, but I'll think of you everytime I play an album...(especially the Clash)