Sunday, February 19, 2012


Of course, this is to be pronounced in my snootiest of French accents. I have a few newly acquired items to post that fall under various categories. I am still in the design phase of the new site and want to incorporate other subjects such as food, music, and all the trappings of my various past times. I will start to expand my posts to include these as time passes, but it they will be seperate subjects once the new site launches. As mentioned, music is one subject I would like to include more into this site, as it's not just a smashing wardrobe that makes a man a true dandy (of the lion pride ilk, that is). I have occasion to take music with me for DJ nights and I had been after the iconic, if slightly cliched, 45 record box. I happened upon both of these at separate times and purchased both for what I considered a good deal, especially since at both time the boxes were filled with records that were included in the price. The fact that they were twin boxes was purely chance, but obviously very welcomed.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am my fathers son and conseqently have some of the same habits, such as pipe smoking. I had already purchased a leather tobacco pouch, rather than tote my supply around in a plastic bag, and I had gone through various lighters over the years.  Although the cheapy bics, standard zippos, and other garage sale finds worked for me, I always wanted somethign that more reflected my personality. The IM Corona Pipe Magie had always been  my top choice and was on my list to get. This Valentines day i was given one as a surprise gift from Rachel and I couldn't be happier. Silver side roller with 90 degree flame, well worth the wait.

And last, but certainly not least was actually a gift from last year that I had only recently been able to fully enjoy as the weather has refused to move on from summer. The sometimes chiller and drizzly weather has allowed me to bring my Tootal scarf into rotation. I have worn it with a dressier topcoat as well as a less formal harrington and it's a workhorse that doesn't fail. It can keep the draft out as well as add a bit of color in a pinch.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Olive Juice

It's a little chilly, a little wet, already been out this morning with fruitless efforts, now just waiting for lunch and then class. Feeling a bit lazy, so can't do more than a few chores around the house, work very little on projects, and find several reasons to head into the living room to be distracted by television.

Olive and cream check Ben Sherman short sleeve
Light olive silk and cashmere sweater
Dark indigo Levi's 501s
Black with olive stripes Pantherella socks
Unfortunately no Martini with olive in my hand

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How I do it....

Always start the day with a solid breakfast, I cannot stress this enough.

Fried egg over hard
Toasted low calorie wheat bread with a honey butter spread
Orangina screwdriver with Monopolowa

Thursday, February 9, 2012

coming soon...

I am in the process of thinning my closet and I am in desperate need of new trousers. Not only do I need a few standards for work (black, grey, etc) but I want to get more checks, plaids, and stripes into the mix. I found a fabric house online and ordered some yardage of this material, 100% wool imported from Italy (or so it says here) in what they are calling a black and gray plaid. it appears to have a little bit of green/brown as well, which I am hoping will look good and pair up with a couple of shirt combinations. If all goes well with this material, I'll be ordering more from them. In the meantime, here's a preview of the material ordered and I'll update as soon as it arrives.

Material has arrived and I am fairly pleased with it. Little bit heavier weight, but the colors would make it more of a fall/winter item so it actually works out. Will send to tailors soon, so more updates as that process takes place.

Should take delivery of new trousers Monday the 30th. Not 100% on how my schedule will play out that day, but expect a post that evening or the next. Three pairs of bespoke trousers are a much needed to my wardrobe at the moment.

Officially In With The In Crowd

I had purchased this shirt about a week ago and it arrived today from the UK. The company is a small, mod orientated, clothing outfit by the name of In With The In Crowd and am so far very pleased with my purchase. I had opted for a light blue button down, and after a few emails with the company (excellent customer service, by the way) I selected a size and ordered. Now, the risk of ordering a shirt online without the chance of actually trying it is something I have to gamble on every now and again, and in this particular incident, I was not let down. The shirt is a long sleeve in 100% cotton with a slight sheen to it, traditional button down collar with a button on the back and a slight downward peak as well (as shown).

 Other features includes double buttons along the front, no breast pocket, back box pleat, and barrel cuffs. The color is a great shade of blue that I am already matching against trousers and sports coats. Word to the wise, however, these shirts are slim fit and probably best to go up a size if you are not sure on sizing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Recent purchase...

Dropped by Neiman Marcus' today and picked up a few pairs of socks. I have to admit that I actually like the colors and patterns they have been putting out lately, lots of  vivid colors and character. They had a store special, so I got these at 35% off to boot. The black with purple check is a little understated in my opinion, but I think they could work well. The two hooped pair are just great color combinations. All made in Italy as well, which is a bonus for another reason and to be discussed on another post.