Monday, October 22, 2012


With the Texas winter slightly cooling and my selection of pants running thin, I wanted to replace my brown corduroys that I got from Levi's. A trip to the Levi's outlet didn't produce much except a sever distrust for their design department. I hopped around form shop to shop on the off chance that I could find something and it paid off. 1 corduroys in a dark almost loden green. The bonus was they were on the clearance section and 50% off as well. For some reason they didn't want to photograph well, so I might talk Rachel into taking a few of me with them being worn. Pics soon to come, I am sure of it.

Keeping tabs..

I've starting keeping a small daily notebook, mostly for "to-do" lists I think of during the day and the occasional grocery list and it's been quite handy. But as of late, I have begun jotting down (on the usually blank left page) notes to myself of what I wish I had worn that day. Nothing extravagant, but on a day I rush to work in some khakis and a Fred, I might write down that I would I would have preferred to have worn a pair of dark brown wool trousers, maybe a tattersaw shirt, and even a greenish tweed sports coat in case the weather took a turn that evening (which it did) and I wanted to go out after work (which I did). I think the idea is to brown beat myself into looking for more suitable clothes for work, and making a point of wearing them. You can spend ten minutes each evening laying it all out, and the rest of the next day enjoying the fact that you did.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More socks

I don't seem to be able to get enough.....regardless, I have been fairly pleased with the quality and especially the price of Neiman Marcus' house brand of socks....great colors and patterns and well made. Picked these up at a sale with the help of a coupon I was emailed. Dropped by Nordroms rack for the Pantherellas and Lorenzo Uomo's. Something about a fresh pair of socks that really puts a spring in your step, if you don't mind the horrid pun.