Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backup plan

It seems a bit prep and usually associated with uninspired work wear, but you should never overlook the classic blue blazer. I picked this on up a while back and haven't regret it since. This three button affair with patch pockets that can be paired with some grey flannel trousers, white or blue oxford shirt, and a set of brogues for a classic look. I specifically wanted an older style with a higher buttoning front, brass buttons, and a nice narrow lapel. The brand is Grenadier and unfortunately there is no year of manufacture on the jacket itself, but I was able to find this gem of advertising for the jacket ala 1967.  Add one or two details and you can easily give this ensemble some Suede street cred, or so I think.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making it your own...

As I had previously mentioned, I had a couple of pairs of new trousers made and finally took possession of them. Two I had made from the tailors in-house material and another made from wool fabric I had sourced from another seller. As I have more clothes made, the more I make little changes here and there to truly make them my own. The trousers pictured here represent my tastes as I have made adjustments to almost every detail; the slant of the pockets, the width of the belt loops, the cut of legs. Can we bring this interest to men's clothing back? The days of ready-to-wear clothing bought off the rack has really dulled our sense of individuality and adventure, I believe. When did custom tailoring become pretentious or effeminate? Film Noir tough guys, energized musicians, Vegas-era mobsters, are all no strangers to custom tailored clothes. Not a bad pack to run with if you ask me.