Friday, April 22, 2011

On the look out

If anyone sees a black thin tie with small white polka dots, let me now. Looking to pair with this short that I have had for quite some time. It's a fitted black shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs. I think a nice black and white tie add to it if worn with a black suit....any suggestions?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Working for the weekend.

So, it's Friday and the work week ends, only this Friday is a little better than most as I have my friend Scott coming into town tomorrow to guest DJ a dance party here, which also means there is a dance party to go to. The icing on the cake? Well, thanks to my new friend Gareth out of Wales, I received my latest addition to my suit collection today. I was hoping it would arrive before the weekend and it did. It's a DNA wool suit in a brown tonik, with all the usual details; such as side vents, covered buttons, ticket pocket, frog mouth pockets, etc. I tried it on and it fit like a glove which means I don't even think I'll have to do any alterations. Now, I know a brown suit is nothing to get excited about, but it's a nice workhorse than can be worn almost anywhere. I am thinking of pairing it with a sky blue shirt I have, but as always, this depends. I would have worn a sky pocket square as well, but that seems to have gone missing (never lend clothes to friends). I had taken some pictures of the suit on my old stand in, but I thought since I am going to be wearing it tomorrow night, that I might as well get some pics of it on and in the club. Unfortunately the bar/club is pretty much a dump that I normally wouldn't set foot in, so you'll have to do with the people in the fore ground, and dismiss the crap in the background. Please check back for pictures of the evening.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Arrivals Pt. 3

Lastly, I also obtained this vintage tie from a seller up north. I had been after one of these square ended, horizontal ties for quite a while. I know there are some mixed feelings towards them, but it always reminded me of the early Michael Caine movies such as Alfie. Very casual tie that can be worn with a tweed sports coat or even a cardigan or sweater. This particular one is in shades of grey, black and brown; subtle but still standing out on it's own accord. The brand is Ernst Nizam which from what i can tell was a popular manufacturer of this particular style of neckties. The make up is of a 50/50 poly/wool mix, which leaves it with a nice body and different sheen's depending on the color. Looking forward to trying this out soon.

New Arrival Part.2

In addition to the checked trousers, I also obtained a pair of green glen plaid pants from Farah. very suedehead, but I am OK with that. Once again, dead stock with all the tags still attached (some even with straight pins). I think I am going to have these tailored a bit for a better fit as they are not quite as slim fit as the previous pair, but I think these will be great casual wear with everything to boots to brogues, braces to blazers. Both pairs of trousers were bought for about $25 together, so not a bad deal if I say so myself. Here's the glen plaid with highlights of the pattern and tags.

New Arrivals Pt.1

Got in several of my most recent eBay finds this week and finally got around to photographing them and posting them. Going to split them up so I can say a little but about each. First is a pair of deadstock yellowish gold trousers in a slim fit that I am guess came from Sears. They have a large window pane check and side slas pockets and , of course, no cuff. They came complete with all the original taps still pinned to them and the ever popular "inspection sticker" (number 1 in this case). Now, this is not a typical color I would normally go for, but I saw an old 60's or 70's Smirnoff ad that had a man in there wearing what appeared to be tan or yellow gold checked trousers, with a dark blue or black sports coat, black shoes, shite shirt and red tie. I liked th elook so much that I mentally rolodexed it for a future outfit.I will scan the ad later and insert for reference. As for now, here's the Permanant Press trousers in all their glory.