Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween, time for costumes, candy, and pumpkins! I have no costume today, as I might be a bit too long in the tooth for that, but I've got the spirit none the less.Due to the wonderful creepy commercial playing on TV, I will be handing out Snickers, because "I'm only helping". Might scrounge a pumpkin, but more importantly going to try and dust off the fog machine and plastic skeleton. So once again, Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shades of grey...or is that gray?

Either way, not much going on in the color front today. In fact, very conservative dressing today. Black and grey Prince of Wales trousers, white bespoke button down, black v-neck sweater, black socks and black square toe loafers. I was toying with my other pair of trousers that has more burgundy in it, but I needed a more suitable shirt or knit to wear with it. So, off to run a few errands and perhaps that much needed shirt. Still have to post the shoe article, next article I am thinking of writing in on plaids, or at least all the patterns people mistakenly call "plaid". Also, let me remind everyone that I am still looking for feedback on any additions to the site you would like to see of any other content you would like to see commented on. Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, Oct 29th

Not a whole lot to do today. Did most of my errands during the week so I am left with some "free" time. Going to work on a few home projects as well and some online web work. It's a nice cool day so far, so I have opted for the Levi's 514 cords (really liking these) in a nice brown, a thin black turtle neck tucked in, a nice wide DNA brown leather belt with large full buckle in brass. Got a kind of late 60's psych look going today, and it's suiting me just fine. You know about the Levi's, but this turtleneck is one of two I got from Banana Republic of all places. They were literally giving them away on sale, as I guess I was the only one who wanted them. So managed two nice thin cotton turtlenecks in a nice slim fit for $20 total. I haven't any shoes on as I will pretty much be indoors most of the day, but I think that a pair of low heeled Chelsea boots would be ideal for this look. New item to mark on list. OK, back to work I guess....

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, got dressed tonight in a simple white button down, wine colored Fred Perry Jumper and black mohair's with black cord shoes for my usual Thursday night cards.....only to find that they have been cancelled, and not just for tonight, but forever. I went to a few others bars to try and make myself feel better, but nothing helped....oh well. Plans are in motion for a dress up night once a week, will comment more on this as it develops.  As for now....not a happy camper. I bought some new items today, including a shirt and a sweater, but those will wait until new camera time. Not a happy week in the house of Brian.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ok, now I am feeling it.

Feeling much regret over the untimely loss of my camera. I attended a wedding recently and took my camera along and of course, left it. The good news is the bride found it and has it and will send to me, the bad news is that this won't happen until she gets back from her honeymoon. I am, however, in the throws of obtaining a new camera and have been reading reviews online and what to get for my price range. I have single one out and should get soon. Until then, everyone will have to do with images taken off the web or just my mindless ramblings. I have much to photograph and post as soon as one of the two is in my possession, one of which is my newest sports coat that I got at a clearance sale. I took it to my normal seamstress to have the alterations done and she was just leaving to go out of the country for two weeks, so that's got to wait as well. Actually, I have several irons in the proverbial fire and it's taking it's toll on me. As many of you know, I have a fair amount of patience, but I can only take so much. I'm not Job (bible reference for any religious people). Hope to have things back to normal within a week or two.

Also, I am going to make a few changes to the site and would love some feedback on what you would like to see, any changes you might like to have, or really any creative criticism you might have. Already thinking of having a daily or weekly tip, more photo's, articles, and loads of site design changes. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now accepting contributions

In order to feed my obsession with clothes, I will gladly accept contributions in the way of cash, checks, paypal, loose change, IOU's, Discover card, or live chickens in a bag. Yeah, I didn't think you'd go for it either. I went virtual shoe shopping today and have decided I need more corduroy shoes. Why? Because they are awesome! I have run across these two, both by the same maker, and decided they need to be mine. Fortunate for me, they are both fairly inexpensive (under $100). The brand is IKON and I have heard all kinds of mixed reviews on them. I have decided to go ahead and get a pair and decide for myself, and perhaps review them here. The first pair is a chocolate brown corded shoe with whip stitch detailing. They appear to be an almost "dressy" cord shoe with the classic heel and squarish toe which gives them a pretty sharp look. The second pair is a collaboration between IKON and Paolo Hewitt and have a distinct desert boot feel to them. They only come in one color, bottle green, which to be honest, I like. They appear to have leather laces and square eyelets and a crepe sole similar to the Clark's Wallabees. This last pair is a very casual boot that has a limited range of what you can wear with it due to it's color, but I don't care to tell the truth. The only real problem, apart from scrounging up the budget for these, is really deciding which one to get first (or at all depending on the quality). Any suggestions?

Monday, October 25, 2010

My friends call me Tiger..

As of late I have been really only concerned with three brand of athletic shoes; Adidas, Puma, and my latest interest Onitsuka Tiger. Unless you have been living under a rock for most of your life, you should be pretty familiar with Adidas and Puma, the Tiger's however, are a little less known. I had seen them around form time to time and seen their special editions reviewed on other sites and recently I actually bought a pair. As far as fit and finish, they are a great shoe. The tigers area complete package, cool styles, neat freebies, great packaging, and all the other bells and whistles that make them worth while. You can see their recent collection at and see what I mean. I have to confess, one sure fire way to sell me on a trainer is to dump the canvas and nylon and stick to suede and leather, and the Tigers have done just that. They are stylish without be outlandish, yet subdued without being boring. Last pair I bought came with a second set of laces (unusual for a sneaker) a patch (that's right, a sew on patch) and an actual keyring. Now, the freebies weren't just generic ones with Tiger emblazoned on them, they were matching the actual shoes I got. Have to give them credit there. If you haven't seen them, maybe you should give them a look. As of today, I saw a couple of pairs of different styles at Nordstroms rack all for under $50 a pair which is a fantastic deal. I was tempted to buy another pair, but had to restrain myself as I have a list already started :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday day

Off to run errands and knock about. Since the weather is right and it's still early in the day, I decided to go with the new brown Levi's 514 in corduroy, browns suede lace up shoes, and a off white and olive check DNA short sleeve shirt and a brown smooth leather belt with bull buckle. I am helping a friend move some items into storage and then a little happy hour perhaps. Not a shabby friday so far. Also, have sort of finished the shoe article, trying to get it edited before posting. Keep on the look out!

Thursday night

Cards, of course. Weather still relatively warm, so I decided on a pair of navy trousers with a blue Ben Sherman knit with accents of a lighter blue, brown, and burnt orange. For shoes, I went with a pair of brown square toe dress shoes and burnt orange socks that match the knit perfectly. It was a fairly balanced outfit and I was pleased with it. Today (Friday) it's a bit cooler with an over cast, so might have to dress for it. As soon as new camera arrives, I would like to start doing a side portion of the sight with daily wear photo album. Let me know if you think this is a good idea or not. Ta ta for now chappies, I'm off to do my thing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's ok to be rude

Known about this line of clothing for a bit, thought I would post. Mikkel Rude out of the UK sells a line of clothing that's limited in numbers, but not in quality. Pretty much restricted to shirts, cardigans, and boots, but still worth checking out. Once again, the terrible status of the US dollar at the time makes these a little inaccessible, but doesn't mean I can't look. Great short and long sleeve shirts in a myriad of tartans and checks, some 60's styled boots that are nothing short of spectacular, and fantastic English wool chunky knit cardigan. Don't let his inability to smile in any picture fool you, this is great stuff. I have seen his wears outside of the website and they have also been discussed on a couple of websites I frequent with wonderful reviews. If you get a  chance, I would definitely give them a look.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok, so I am wrong.

Found them. Apparently Levi's 514 corduroys were what I was looking for. Also, the Macy's near my house had them on sale for $39. I went today to have a look and seemed like they only had about three colors in limited sizes. But seeing as how I only really wanted brown, I was really lucky to have that be the first color on the rack AND have the end pair be the exact size I needed. Tried them on, bought them, left. Well, OK, I didn't leave. Looked around and got a few pairs of socks, and then Dillard's was having a crazy going out of business sale, so I picked up some stuff there that was truly awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it's going to have it's own post. Here's a little preview though; socks, hat, sports coat, fantastic sales staff. Now I am off to model my new purchases.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Easier to find the lost ark.

Try as I might, I have been unable to find a decent pair of corduroy pants ANYWHERE! I went out today to run errands and stopped at a few places to have a look. Brooks Brothers actually had some great looking ones, until I tried them on. The were super fitted below the knee and required me getting 3 sizes larger than I normally get to just get them on, and in the end they looked like jodhpurs. Levi's had nothing, and I even tried on their 511's to get the fit right and perhaps order online. Nope. Gap had some good colors and the right wale, but the bottoms were huge...almost flarish. Anyone know where I can find corduroys that are cut like 501's? I don't need super skinny, I don't need relaxed fit, I don't want boot cut, I don't need stretch, just regular old cords. I'm thinking I'd have better luck finding wooden poop behind a rocking horse at this point. If all the designers of men's clothes would just speak to me before they create their new lines, we would all be much happier.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What was worn, saturday night

Went out for drinks with Rachel and friends last night despite the fact that it was Saturday night, which is usually the breeding season for knobs. I went with a blue multi stripe boating blazer, white DNA groove shirt, black mohair trousers with frog mouth pockets, chisel shoes and plain socks. Rachel wore the new blue with white trim romper I had got her with white shoes. My friend Bill sported an Adam of London purple suit with covered buttons and a nice pair of leather slip-ons. Savannah sported a brownish tartan dress with a nice pair of earrings (sorry girls, I didn't notice the shoes). Rachel mentioned that several people came up to say their hello's, then promptly left as they looked awful in comparison. I somehow don't feel bad about this. Are all my (and my friends) efforts working? I wonder how many of them will try and dress a little better next time out. Off to parents for a bit and I going to try and successfully avoid clothing stores along the way. Yeah, I know....pretty much not happening.

By the way, camera is probably in New Zealand at the moment, (don't ask), but a new one is being scoped out. Soon to have pictures again!

Friday, October 15, 2010

What I wore...

The weather is getting cooler and sweater and jacket weather is around the corner, but not quite yet. Last night was Thursday cards and drinks with a friend in town. I wanted casual as I would be sitting for a length of time as well as walking between a few bars. I went with a grey prince of wales trousers, vintage navy ban-lon short sleeve with large collar, thin black socks and black leather square toe loafers I've owed for several years. It worked, although I wasn't completely happy with the blue shirt and black shoes. Next time I'll try a different color knit or shoes and see how it looks. Also got me to thinking that I need a couple of pairs of super thin socks for when I wear dress loafers. I am looking into the old thick-n-thins that have served this purpose well for years. In case you are unaware, thick and thins are a name given to men's socks that are usually silk or nylon and are quite sheer, but with thicker opaque stripes running through them, hence the name. I have found a source online for some in great colors, so I'll be updating as soon as these arrive.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

General rule of thumb

I met up with a friend tonight for a cocktail at a bar and got dressed for a casual night out. I opted for a pair of mohair trousers with a red gingham button down and black v-neck. My friend wore a fantastic burnt orange and white prince of wales sports coat and turtle neck ala Brooks Brothers. Casual, yet still keeping it a step up above the rest of the crowd for a Wednesday night. I couldn't help but think of something I learned when I was younger, that the material of clothing depends on how close it is to your body. A general rule of thumb, if you'll pardon the expression, is to have the material get "finer" or less coarse the closer to your body. If you are going to wear that great oxford cloth shirt you love, and you want to you put something on over it, it needs to be of a heavier weave or material that that oxford. If you have a great mohair suit, you need a pure cotton or silk shirt shirt underneath. You can't have a rough textured shirt under a fine linen suit. A flannel shirt under a silk blend suit has never looked good. It's a question of  clothes fading into your skin. You want the natural progression of your outer most clothes to be seamless to your skin. Although this may seem obvious to you and me once it's been laid out in print, you'd be amazed how many people still don't realize this or abide by this. But if it wasn't for other people dressing badly, then we wouldn't look so good in comparison.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slashing down that list!

Almost as fast as I add to it. I managed to knock out another "need to get" item off the famous list. In this case it was a burgundy v-neck sweater. Sounds easy enough, but finding the right cut of sweater and depth of the v-neck is hard. Ultimately I found it at BR. It's a classic item that can be worn with almost anything, but never gets old with a classic white shirt and grey trousers. Also, the Nationwide Insurance deal finder guy has nothing on me, normally sells for $60, I got it for 50% off at the outlet AND an additional $15 bucks off because of my BR card and being my birth month. So, $15 for a merino wool sweater? Not too shabby if I may say so myself. Posting a pic off the website. Oh, and managed another pair of shoes recently, only this time it was a vintage pair of brogues of eBay, I'll post those as soon as they arrive.

P.s. Listen, this photo and/or jar of booze needs a home, tell your friends to subscribe to this site and enter the contest. That mannequin needs a name, I need more "peeps", and this booze ain't gonna drink itself.

Friday, October 8, 2010

First contest!

So, here's the deal, and seriously tell your friends. I am going to have a name that Mannequin contest. The best name chosen with be the winner and the prize with be a mason jar of moonshine or a boudoir photo of your truly, (winners choice). But here's the kicker, the contest will only run for two weeks and within that time you can submit as many names as you like, However, I will not start the contest until I have 4 more followers. I need an 10 even to to get this party rolling. So I put it to you guys to get the four more peeps to follow this blog and then we can all see you gets the grand prize for the most creative or original name. Also, full credit will be given on this site to winner and all accolades will be passed on this lucky person. Rules and regulations with be passed on by me at the contest progresses. Put the word out!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm glad your done.

Ok, once again I am literally taken back by someone else's choices. I go to play cards tonight and there is this man, for lack of a better term, that is basically the anti-Brian. I swear to god, he is wearing a Fedora, 3/4 sleeve band t-shirt (gagging yet?) jean shorts, and flip flops!!!! Seriously??! What a joke. I mean, does he own  mirror? Did he think this was a good look? Did he wake up and think "hey, I want to look like Vince Neil's crappy retard illegitimate son"? I am at a loss of words.....ladies, does this seem acceptable to you?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When was the last time.. shined your shoes? Plan on doing it this weekend. There's no reason to have gross, scuffed up, unshined shoes or boots. I find that I enjoy wearing shoes more once they have just been shined. So in effort to keep everyone well dressed, your homework assignment this weekend is to shine those leather shoes you have been neglecting. I am working on an article now on shoe care and how to extend the life of your shoes, but until that's released, lets all put in a little effort this weekend. And in case you didn't know, every man should have at least ONE pair of leather dress shoes with a proper sole, not that rubberized crap they have been unloading on us for the past decade. Also, since I am in a preachy mood, don't buy dress shoes that have that little cushion in the back of the heel, you don't work for the post office and have to be on your feet all day. If you require that little cushion, well then you shouldn't be in long pants and leaving the crib quite yet. And while I am on it, lug soles on shoes belong in the forgotten pile along with Members Only jackets, leisure suits, and Crocs (are those dead yet?). They had a small vogue but were just bad ideas, just like Zima and the Nazi party.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is it sweater weather yet?

Because I just bought a new one. I actually got this by chance, and for some reason I really like it in a weird way. Not normally anything I would wear, but for some reason I have a vision of this sweater with some grey trousers, white button down shirt underneath, black brogues and perhaps some burgundy or burgundy/cream striped socks. I think I can make it work. Now off to find those brogues. Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Before and a little after

So, pretty much finished as much as I am going to do with the experiment shirt. I ended up successfully removing the front pocket (it had a small hole, hence the cheap price), then I added a button hole and button on the back of the collar, and lastly, I thinned down the sides and sleeves. I have to say I am pretty pleased with the end product. I took a before and after picture, and you can see a difference. The first picture is the after and the second being the before. (I know I put them backwards).  The picture doesn't do them justice, as I narrowed the sleeves over an inch down the length and the sides came in a whopping inch and a half from both sides. I tried it on and it fits like a shirt should, not like a potato sack with a pattern. Next project is to actually make something from a pattern. In case you think this is unmanly, I must say I did spend most of the day in the garage using power tools, making sawdust, and pouring gasoline. So there.

Shining moments

So, as promised, the first is me in a new knit and grey trousers. This was also the combo listed earlier with the yellow socks, but as these are cell phone pics, they don't show diddly and look bad, but oh well. I was kinda liquored up and pretending to be the door guy and really quite surprised how many people just showed me their IDs right off the bat. Needless to say, I had fun with that. The second is yours truly in light grey mohair trousers, with a nice navy blue cotton shirt with rounded collar. Also sporting brown shoes and a brown belt as to avoid clashing with the blue of the shirt (no black and navy together). I had forgot about this picture until a friend sent it to me. Don't judge. I was sleepy and nobody was playing.