Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making it your own...

As I had previously mentioned, I had a couple of pairs of new trousers made and finally took possession of them. Two I had made from the tailors in-house material and another made from wool fabric I had sourced from another seller. As I have more clothes made, the more I make little changes here and there to truly make them my own. The trousers pictured here represent my tastes as I have made adjustments to almost every detail; the slant of the pockets, the width of the belt loops, the cut of legs. Can we bring this interest to men's clothing back? The days of ready-to-wear clothing bought off the rack has really dulled our sense of individuality and adventure, I believe. When did custom tailoring become pretentious or effeminate? Film Noir tough guys, energized musicians, Vegas-era mobsters, are all no strangers to custom tailored clothes. Not a bad pack to run with if you ask me.

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