Monday, October 22, 2012

Keeping tabs..

I've starting keeping a small daily notebook, mostly for "to-do" lists I think of during the day and the occasional grocery list and it's been quite handy. But as of late, I have begun jotting down (on the usually blank left page) notes to myself of what I wish I had worn that day. Nothing extravagant, but on a day I rush to work in some khakis and a Fred, I might write down that I would I would have preferred to have worn a pair of dark brown wool trousers, maybe a tattersaw shirt, and even a greenish tweed sports coat in case the weather took a turn that evening (which it did) and I wanted to go out after work (which I did). I think the idea is to brown beat myself into looking for more suitable clothes for work, and making a point of wearing them. You can spend ten minutes each evening laying it all out, and the rest of the next day enjoying the fact that you did.

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