Friday, April 8, 2011

New Arrivals Pt.1

Got in several of my most recent eBay finds this week and finally got around to photographing them and posting them. Going to split them up so I can say a little but about each. First is a pair of deadstock yellowish gold trousers in a slim fit that I am guess came from Sears. They have a large window pane check and side slas pockets and , of course, no cuff. They came complete with all the original taps still pinned to them and the ever popular "inspection sticker" (number 1 in this case). Now, this is not a typical color I would normally go for, but I saw an old 60's or 70's Smirnoff ad that had a man in there wearing what appeared to be tan or yellow gold checked trousers, with a dark blue or black sports coat, black shoes, shite shirt and red tie. I liked th elook so much that I mentally rolodexed it for a future outfit.I will scan the ad later and insert for reference. As for now, here's the Permanant Press trousers in all their glory.

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