Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jean Genie

So, I have become a little more receptive to jeans as a suitable (no pun intended) part of ones wardrobe. However, I should also add that I don't believe I'll be using them as proper evening wear or have more than a few pairs as you run the risk of becoming complacent. I have recently worn a hole in my 501's and thought it was time for a replacement pair. I did, however, want to go with a darker blue and have them double as casual jeans, but also something I could dress up in a pinch during the day. I Had been flirting with the 514's for a bit, but feel they are better off for cords, so i went back to the 501 originals for my denim. The wash I chose was called "clean rigid" and I really like them so far. The nice dark indigo wash, the nice contrast if I have turn ups, and the fact that they are completely void of any "distressing". I got them home and ran them through a couple of shirt and shoe options and found they look great with a Fred Perry and dessies for a casual day look as well as a button down and dressier shoes if I am going anywhere. I would like to mention that the material itself feels a little thin, but so far that hasn't been an issue, but I will of course review these more as they get more rotation into my daily wear.

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