Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prince of Wales suit

I must have completely overlooked the fact that I received this suit several months ago and failed to post it! The suit is a grey wool suit in a Prince of Wales pattern with a little bit of red to make it interesting. The jacket is a single vent coat with patch pockets, chest pocket flap, and working cuffs. The trousers are low rise and feature frog mouth pockets with a single back pocket. I really love this suit. The material is light weight and suitable for warm weather, but can pull double duty in the colder months. I think another reason why I love it so much is that the pattern allows the trousers of jacket to be worn separately for a different look. The trousers could be worn out on their own with just a long sleeve knitted shirt, or the jacket could be dressed down and paired with some white denims and suede shoes for a cool but casual look. I have played it safe so far with a white dress shirt or black turtleneck, but would love to see if I can get a dark blue or reddish burgundy shirt under it. As for now, here's the suit.

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