Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini Dopp project

We should all be somewhat familiar with what a Dopp kit is (and if not, a quick web search might be in order). However, I have found that a smaller, pared down version of this might be a good idea to keep tucked away in a work place drawer or stowed away in your car perhaps. I am putting together a list of contents and possible containers for said items. As always, I will update as this fleshes itself out.

*UPDATE - After giving it some thought, the idea has come out as a mini Dopp to keep in your desk drawer, briefcase or laptop bag, or even in your car; for those early mornings when you need to tune up a little, or when you are going out for drinks after work, or for any other countless reasons that would warrant such a kit.  To house this, I am thinking something cheap, small, but still possibly stylish. I am giving some thought to an old airlines toiletry bag or perhaps a container that can be repurposed (perhaps small camera bag). As for contents; travel toothbrush, mints, small sewing kit, mouthwash, aspirin, couch drops, chap stick, and maybe a few wet naps. I'm sure the list will ebb and flow, especially once a bag has been located. More to come as the weekend nears.

Short trip to the local Target during a lunch break and the dollar store next door yeilded some great finds....still lacking a storage bag however, but that shold soon be sorted out.

*UPDATE #2* - To be honest my search for a bag has been a little half hearted recently. On a recent trip to a local store for somethign else entirely, I looked around just for the hell of it. Found a plastic pencil box that not only fits everything perfectly, but a flip of the box revealed a sticker that said "made in the USA"...SOLD! It's not what I wanted exactly, but it will more than do the trick until i find something a little more aethetically pleasing. I forgot one of the best parts, $1. Can't go wrong with that.

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