Saturday, June 30, 2012

Everyone's flipped

I don't know if I have made it clear in previous posts, but I am not a fan of flip flops, especially as daily wear. It promotes laziness and never looks as good as you think it does. To cut to the chase, Rachel and I went to the local Old navy to look for a shirt or two for her, and I had seen a linen shirt online that I wanted to check out in person. Little did we know it was $1 flip flop day, (limit 5) and this brought out the best of my community. The check out lines were all at least five people deep as others scrounged through cardboard bins looking for that "right pair" of dollar sandals. The only thing I can liken it to would be free paternity testing day at the dirt mall. Thankfully they had a checkout reserved for card holders (since Old Navy and Banana Republic are apart of the same company, we got to sweep in on that). The checker that helped us out then informed us that four fights have already broke out that day alone and the police were called. I am not sure if I'll be going back there anytime soon. After saying that, if you are in need of a good basic crew neck t-shirt, they had them! I managed three previously and was opting to pick up another when I was there. Got a white, heather blue, and a heather grey...every wardrobe shold have one or two...just avoid flip flop day.

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