Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Made in USA

This is really just a little rant about Americana products that are losing (lost) their roots. I recieved a new catalog in the mail today from a well know clothing/outfitters. I was suprised to find almost nothing made in the USA listed for sale. Levi's, Brooks Bros., LL Bean, etc....all companies that are American icons, and yet they outsource almost everything, and if they do make a made in the US product, they jack the prices to an obscene level and the quality does not ofset the cost. I'm really not impressed. Is there any iconic American clothing that's worth its salt actually made here any more?


  1. There are a few, surprisingly... The brand that pops up in my mind right now is New York-based Epaulette, which have been around for only a few years.

    Beautiful clothes, classic American with a very vintage British twist (they even use Donegal and Harris Tweeds for some of their jackets and coats), most of them locally made, and not exceedingly expensive:


  2. Thanks for the link, I'm defiantely going to take a long look around...