Friday, July 16, 2010

Get dressed, we're going out!

So, while in the men's room of one of the many bars of the dodgy variety I frequent, I was scanning the wall art for something mildly entertaining (as you do), and I ran across an advert for a website with a dressed up chimp and the title, "Get dressed, We're going out.". This struck a cord with me that the originators of the sticker were not intending. I did go out, and I did get dressed. Now, I know what you are thinking and you are wrong. I actually ironed a shirt (gasp!) and pressed my trousers (double gasp!) and went on a search for appropriate socks and undergarments. Made sure my shoes were polished, and was presentable. I was only going out for a couple of cocktails by myself, but felt this was necessary. I feel that the world has become either too comfortable or just too lazy, or even too disrespectful to go through any trouble to dress up for an evening out. When this happened I am not sure, maybe during the seventies, but it seems that today that there is NO event that someone won't show up in wearing shorts and sandals and a slightly lame t-shirt. I say, in a very self serving way, get over yourselves, nobody want's to see you in you in your jean shorts and your clever Journey t-shirt. Have some pride! For god's sake, Get Dressed, we're going out!!!

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