Thursday, July 29, 2010

CK won?

Earlier this year I went on a hunt for some new ties for a new suit I had. I took a long look at my older ties and decided that;
A. My style had changed since I purchased them
B. Some were showing signs of wear
C. They were crap.
So, I usually bought vintage to get what I want but, thanks to the new surge in "pseudo retro" clothing, there was plenty of new stock out there for me to choose from. I went out and about looking around at some brands I was comfortable with and found they had ties that were nothing short of atrocious. And it was in the belly of the beast that I found my saviour. Calvin Klein. They had a "slim" line of ties that 100% silk and priced right (a little over 2" at the widest). I had originally bought one at the CK outlet, and found they can be bought online as well ($39.95 for one, two for $40, that's right, you read it right...second one's a nickle). After a while, I found an even better deal at a different store and was soon picking them up for even less. Thought I would show three here to represent what I found. A rep, a patterned, and a solid. I guess the lesson of the day is not to discount a brand because it usually caters to the exact opposite of the look you are trying to achieve, because you never know.

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