Sunday, January 23, 2011

Few items

So, apparently the Macy's near my house is closing and have a sale on everything. Nothing fantastic as of yet, but I did manage to find a nice pair of socks for a giveaway price. They are a pale purple with lime green and off white horizontal stripes. I didn't find much else there as everything else was kind of bland. Almost picked up a pair of Levi's, but I decided I had enough and am actually trying to wind them out of my wardrobe as it is. Other than that, there were plenty of other items that were ok, but a better deal for someone looking to stock up on essentials. While I was there, I wandered to the Dillard's closeout store and found a silk pocket square that I had seen before and liked, but just didn't get for one reason or another. Well, it was there again, the last one and marked down even further, so I got it for about a tenth of the original cost. I would have also picked up another sports coat, but apparently the daily sale didn't apply to it (even though it was a sports coat, they were calling it a casual coat, whatever). It was a brown linen coat with side vents and slanted pockets, included a ticket pocket. I would have had to alter it a bit, but it would have been worth it if the cost was right, but since it wasn't, it got away. Either way, the day ended with a nice new pair of socks and a pocket square for a total cost less than that of a fast food combo.

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