Sunday, January 23, 2011

What we wore...

May or may not be worth a mention, but last night I finally got around to going to a night at the Fuzz Club since my friend Sue returned to Texas. I had a good time, enjoyed some great music, and got to display my dandy tendencies once again. I went with a friend of mine who looked sharp in a nice blue DNA suit, a lilac checked tab collar shirt, purple pattern tie, and purplish/lilac patterned pocket square in a fantastic fold that seemed to be a puff variation of the "three stairs" fold. I decided on a pair of bespoke black mohair trousers, black turtleneck with my blue boating blazer, light blue socks and black leather shoes. There were a few other men that night that took the time to dress up, but numbers were defiantly in the women's favor that evening. In hindsight, I should have brought my camera, but didn't. Fortunately, I will remember for the next one.

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