Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Arrival

It's not photographing well, but I recently purchased a pen set from a fellow online for the princely sum of $5. I had posted before on how I was on the lookout for a decent silver pen set to take with me and I found one this past weekend on good old eBay. I am pretty pleased with the purchase except for one detail and that being that there are "gold" accents on the pens and I was told that they were all silver. However, they are so light that it's hard to tell, and probably impossible to tell in a dimly lit bar. The upside? Well to start, the man was located in Texas so they arrived quickly, the price was obviously right, seem to have not been used ever, and there was more in the box than I thought there would be. In the original box were the pen and pencil combo, but also a stylus insert as well as a small "travel" pen which I will consider a casual variation of the complete set. So, a 4pc silver Pierre Cardin pen and pencil set for the price of a drink, which I find very agreeable. Another item marked off the "list".

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