Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keeping a step ahead.

As of late, my attention has been towards dress slacks (that is, non-casual trousers not part of a suit) and what variances I like. One of the details that I have really interested in lately is the stepped hem. The stepped hem is exactly what it's name implies, a hem in which the back portion is stepped down from the front. This is marvelous feature for a two reasons; one, it can allow for a lack of a break in the trousers front crease without exposing the back of the shoe and giving the "highwater" look....two, it's a dandy feature that I feel gives the hem an almost dressier aesthetic than the normal straight or slant hem. In all actuality , it's a pretty simple alteration to have done as it splits right at the seam, and also open for further embellishment such as a small covered button or v-notch at the point where the two hems meet. The picture is of an older pair of greenish tweed trousers I had to help give an example of this particular hem. I am at the drawing board at the moment to design some trousers for next year and I think this is a feature that's going to be used more than once.

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