Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas gift

Tucked inside a small wrapped box addressed to yours truly was this silk, olive colored pocket square. It's really a nice plain square, but in a lovely hue that I didn't have and so it was a very welcomed addition to my collection. I have to admit, when I went to put it away, I hadn't thought of what I already had to go with it, and then today the proverbial light bulb went on! I recall cleaning out my older tie collection and really only keeping a very small handful of the older ties, two of which I remembered as having similar coloring and thought would look great combined with this particular square. So, I fished them out and took a quick picture to show what I mean. One tie is patterned and one has a regimental stripe feel to it, and since both are NOT solids, they will look great with the square that it (don't want to have two possibly clashing patterns or look too busy). I can easily see any of these being worn with a brown or black suit. So, as promised, here's a glimpse of what Santa brought me.

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