Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It couldn't be that easy.

But sometimes, it is, in fact, that easy. One of the items I am always on the lookout for are quality belts. They are a little harder to find than one might think as I have a few features that I look for; One, I like my belts on the wide side (at least and inch an a half at bare minimum), two, I like a nice full buckle which is not as popular as I would like. If you are not sure what the term "full buckle" means, then please see the pics attached. Anyways, to get back on point, I always try to find a source for belts that meet my particular needs, but usually end up not finding much. DNA groove offers some great belts and I have one, but it's a tad pricey to fill a wardrobe with these and the rise and fall of the dollar shouldn't affect my belt selection. In a tiny fit of frustration, I mockingly typed an URL into my browser and it actually worked! . I am not kidding, and to tell the truth, they had some great casual belts for a not too shabby price. I found several full buckle, wide leather belts in blacks, whites and browns that piqued my interest. I plan on ordering one or two in the near future and will give a review at that time. Until then, remember that sometimes you can over think the situation and it helps to take a step back and just try a lark.

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