Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Two items of interest today that I thought I would share. First, I wanted to show a hat that I had purchased at the previously mentioned department store closeout for a paltry sum of $6. Its a summer straw hat with one of the stingiest brims I have seen offered in quite a long time, and the fact that the expense was so negligible, I had to purchase it. I have to confess that I don't see this hat getting much wear outside of being worn poolside, sipping on cold tasty beverages in a cabana set. But, somehow, I am very comfortable with that idea. The second item is nothing more than a length of fabric I obtained at a sales bin at a local textiles store. It's nothing spectacular, in fact its nothing more than a mere cotton fabric with a silk screened pattern, but it's the pattern I fell in love with. I bought without thinking and have been toying with what to do with it. So far, I have come up with nothing more than a second cabana set, but I will be open for suggestions. In fact, I will post the fabric tomorrow and see that you think and perhaps see if someone has an idea that I have not yet thought of. Deal? Until then, here's a picture of the that hat and it's token brim. Pairing this with a pair of suitable sunglasses is a priority. But I have plenty of time to find that perfect pair and also perfect my recipe and technique for a mint julep.

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