Monday, December 27, 2010

Yesterdays trash, todays treasure.

When I was a child, the idea of getting socks for Christmas was a let down to say the least. However, times do change and so do attitudes, apparently, as I actually enjoy getting socks for the holiday now. In fact, I'll pretty much run the spectrum on what types of socks I'd love to unwrap come Christmas morning. In addition to the previously mentioned square, I also received three pairs of bamboo blended socks that are now nesting with all their brethren in my sock box. They are nothing kooky or wild, but still much appreciated. Grey, navy, and brown were the colors chosen and they are good colors to get. Sometimes you need to match your sock color to hues of your trousers or shoes and these are very common colors for all. Some might say that, apart from black, that these are the workhorse colors of the dress sock world. (and yes, there is a world of dress socks) These are colors that I need, yet never think to get as I am usually distracted when I am perusing that particular section of the store. Three lovely pairs of stockings in my stocking this year.

There are a few other items that are "en route" that Santa didn't have time to deliver, as soon as these arrive, I will post!


  1. Do you have any particular brand of socks that you you recommend? I keep managing to pick up socks that never last very long....Also, In your opinion what material is best for socks? I like mine soft and that stay up....the last thing I need is braces for my calcetines!
    Bless you,

  2. Always a fan of Pantherella, but that can sometimes be cost prohibitive. I could name a dozen other brands, but you can seriously type in Pantherella in eBay and you'll see a long list of other brands for related searches. As for material, it depends on the shoes and outfit. The dressier the oufit, the thinner the socks. If you are wearing nubuck or suede shoes, then plain cotton or wool can work fine, dress shoes can add silk, sea island cotton, or nylon. Just remember that if you are buying any socks that contain silk, unless the percentage of silk is over 25%, then pass as the content will have no appreicable effect on contruction or wear. If you are having a problem with socks falling down, then you might want to consider over the calf socks, after you get past the initial akward feeling of them, you'll appreciate them more than you would have thought.