Friday, March 18, 2011

Harrington jacket

I have commented before on the classic Harrington style jacket before and how I was keeping an eye out for one.  Well, once again life closed one door and opened another. I was doing a little online shopping for shorts and ran across old navy's website and saw that they were offering some shorts and a white linen short sleeve shirt with a straight hem. Since there is a store in my neighborhood, I decided to drive over and have a look. Well, the shorts were a bust, and the shirt wasn't available in a small (at that store) so my reasons for going had given out. However, on the way in I noticed they offered a Harrington jacket in blue and it wasn't that bad, I wasn't too keen on the shade of blue or the price tag so I passed on it. I went over to the sale section and saw the same jacket, this time in a beige and an almost madras lining, and half off. I found one that fitted the way I liked and was off. I guess this makes up for the one I lost on eBay recently. Might get to wear it once or twice before it gets too warm, but here it is for now. Also got a great deal on some chino's a store over, but that's a post for tomorrow.

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