Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Always be prepared.

Still a good lesson to be learned even if you weren't in the Boy Scouts. Part of being the dandiest lion on your street is to be always be prepared. Granted, you don't need a utility belt of accessories when you head down to the post office or to the liquor store for a bottle, but certainly when you go for an evening out for cocktails or perhaps a day out at the races. I find there area few items that are not necessarily indispensable, but are nice to have and certainly set you apart for the next guy. One thing I am considering carrying out with me for anything involving a suit or sports coat is a nice pen set. No, I am not talking the Skolnick special of 43 pens and pencils crammed in your shirt pocket. I am talking a nice chrome pen and pencil set Ala Cross. How many times have you asked the barkeep if they had a pen? Meet that special somebody on a night out, what better way to leave your number than to write it down? How cool will you look marking your racing form when you dive into you inside jacket pocket to produce your own pen? Also, you can pick up a set on eBay for fairly cheap, or with the holidays coming up, most of the department stores have little gift sets that are reasonable priced. So, there's no real reason to not be prepared. I am eyeing a few sets now, and will of course post once they are in my possession. And for anyone who cares, I bought my new camera and it should be delivered shortly, so there will be posts galore with pictures coming as soon as that arrives!

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