Sunday, November 7, 2010

Double breasted psych suit

So, first trial of the new camera. I recently got this new suit off eBay of all places for a reasonable price I feel. It's 60's double breasted suit with a high buttoning small crossover. It's a nice grey color with a very light dark burgundy and black check pattern. The trousers have unique slash pockets that are actually inset into the fabric and do not follow a seem. It fits like a glove ( a very tight glove) but it's due time I lost some weight, so it will work out well. I like the fact that I can make some subtle changes on how I wear this and it will change the feel of it. I can go with a plain white shirt and tie and it will have a very stylish, yet formal business look. Or I can wear a thin turtleneck or perhaps a shirt with a cravat and it's a more psychedelic feel to it. The one thing I don't think I can get away from is that i will definitely need a pair of proper Chelsea boots to wear with this suit. I'm thinking a good pointed toe, low heel and a nice smooth black leather. I like the look of the Cuban heel, but it's not something I can pull off, sadly. I am thinking a nice red or burgundy (to match the check) for any tie or cravat.....any other suggestions?

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