Thursday, November 25, 2010

Field Trip Part II

Ok, so Urban Outfitters trip was a bust. I would also like to take this time to say that the store in itself was a bust. First of all, they didn't have any of the things I went there to look at. Secondly, the "staff" was there in body only and couldn't care less why I was there, they seemed more interested in talking to each other than actually helping any of the customers. It really seemed to me that there were two types of people working there; the ones who stocked shelves, folded shirts, and walked into the backroom every five minutes, and then there was the cashiers who stood behind a counter and took your money. Anything else you had to do you yourself, and god forbid if you had a question. Lastly, the music being blasted in there was crap. Ok, now I know what you are thinking, old-man-itus, but I have an explanation. I realize they are catering to a different crowd with different tastes, but the music was still crap and it was being played loud. I am developing a theory on music in clothing shops, and that is, the louder the music, the crappier the clothes, I think it's a ploy to make you not concentrate on how bad the clothes really are. Don't get me wrong, I like music while shopping, but if I can't whisper to someone a foot away, then it's a shop I shouldn't be in. I have decided to stuff the J Press/UO clothing as all the reviews I am reading are stating that it's junk. It's a shame really and more of a mar on J Press' reputation than anything else.

Called my seamstress and newest blazer should be finished Monday (apparently she made a trip to china the day after I dropped it off)

Cabana set is almost done (woman making it suffered an accident, will be making her cookies and dog treats for her canine co-pilot "chip")

Tattersaw vest is in the works, Rachel got me sewing lessons for birthday and met with instructor, will be attempting to make a vest for first project. Ultimate goal is trousers.

Black Friday sales! I might be at the malls tonight at midnight to see whats new, needing an umbrella and leather satchel and found some that might work. Also a good time to just rake in deals on consumables! So socks, underwear and everything in between. Might want to consider braving the crowds!


  1. Brian, take a look on Rusty Zipper vintage site. They have a tuuunnnnn of things you might want and good prices.

  2. Oh, whoops, I meant for this to be the comment on your Madras post.

    I just about can't shop anymore because of what you're describing: bad staff at the store, loud crappy music, crap merchandise. They wouldn't "allow" me to enter the same dressing room as my daughter at Hollister. Policy is one per room. I bet I know why . . . Did they ever make it easy for me to pass on their clothes.

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  4. Thanks for the advice! I have been to that site a few times, but definatley need to check it more often. I looked a bit ago and saw one or two items I wouldn't mind having, but as we talked about, I have my eyes on the prize for that sports coat I have been coveting.

    I feel your pain, luckily the stores that have raised my anger the most are never stores I really care about. I think I am going to write up a list of stores (local and chain) that I have had positive experiences at, hopefully to promote them for keeping me as a customer.