Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep it simple

I wore this the other day and thought I would post. Even though you are lounging around the house, you can still look stylish without looking like you spent the better part of an hour putting it together. I had this knit shirt from Ban Lon that I got of eBay a few years back for some small sum, the trousers I had made a while back as well, and the loafers were actually a pair of Arnold Palmer shoes that I got at a clearance sale for chump change. Inexpensive yet eye catching. A quick look on eBay and varied vintage stores will turn up old knits such as this like you wouldn't believe, just be sure to try it on, look for holes, cuts, or pulls in the fabric as most of these are acrylic or polyester. Also, having clothes made is not as expensive as you would think, especially now with the Internet being such a great commerce tool. As for the shoes, well, let's just say you should NEVER discount a sale just because it's in a store you would never go to. Take full advantage of going out of business or holiday sales, sign up for email discounts, and even shop out of season, and you'll eventually find a handful of fantastic deals that make it all worth it. Eventually I would like to add a section on being stylish on a budget, or at least tips for being frugal with your wardrobe dollar. (providing I get enough feedback to do so, so if you would, use that comment button or feel free to email)

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