Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy doing nothing

Haven't posting anything in a bit due to being a little busy around here, but obviously nothing to show for it online. I will make those changes promised soon, I...well...I promise. Anyways, in the meantime, the weather here has been teetering on brisk and warm. On occasion I have been able to wear a sweater or light jacket, but only to have to revert to a short sleeve shirt or knit the next day. Here's a "cooler" weather ensemble; as it was actually chilly enough to warrant it, I wore a light vintage turtleneck in a pea green color, a off white London Fog vintage golf jacket, Levi's 514 cords in a nice dark brown, and a wide brown leather belt with a full buckle. (shoes were brown suede). Very very daytime casual, but still managing something better than cargo shorts and a hoodie, blech. The more I wear the 514's, the more I am being sold on them, going to try some of their jeans soon. The jacket I have is unlined and very simple, mostly for keeping out the wind and not much else. The turtleneck i recall getting as a lot of two, there was a white one as well, but having trouble figuring out how to pull that one off. All in all I think the colors all work well with each other and look good (if I may say so myself). If you disagree, feel free to email me so I can read it and then delete it.

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