Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Shoes

Got a coupon for Macy's and went today to use it and get a good deal. So, of course, I didn't read the fine print and found out that my coupon was worth less that the paper ii was printed on and not valid towards 95% of the items they sold. Undaunted, I decided to have a look around and see if I couldn't find something else. I did notice that the Macy's online had an umbrella I liked, but not in the store itself it seemed. Anyways, I wandered into the shoe section and harassed the poor sales girl who was covering too many departments by herself, but she was very nice and attentive and helped me pick up these, a pair of super soft brown leather drivers. I have been looking for a pair at a decent price for a while, and thought they would look great in the spring/summer without socks. Simple design without any silly embellishments and actually quite comfortable. So, due to the sale, I got these at 50% off their already marked down price, so basically $24, not too bad if I say so myself.

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