Monday, November 8, 2010

I need my meds

I've gone insane and need to be medicated. Well, that's only half true..I choose to be medicated. This is a little off the mark for me, but I wanted to show this off in an effort to let you know that it's pays to be a little crafty from time to time. Every now and again, I go to my parents and I am sent home with some sort of garage sale find that ranges from "completely awesome" to "hoarders would throw this out". One of the items (that ran closer to the hoarders end of the spectrum) was a little silver and chrome metal box that housed a travel razor. The razor was a novelty at best and not really suitable for shaving anything, ever. However, I thought that the little case it came in was pretty neat. It was solid, well made, and closed tight with a little spring latch. So, I chucked out the razor and it's components, removed the plastic housing inside, made a short trip to the hobby store and here's what I made, a nifty little pill box. Until recently, i had been toting my self prescribed meds in a little blue and red capsule made to look like a large pill, not exactly flying under the radar, but it worked. Now I have something that almost looks, dare I say it, classy? I really like that the inside of the lid is highly polished to an almost mirror like state. I think the green liner makes a nice contrast as well, don't you?

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