Monday, August 16, 2010

ABC of Mens Fashion

Many many years ago, clothing designer Hardy Amies put out a book called ABC of Men's Fashion. If you get a chance, I recommend picking up a copy and thumbing through. It's not exactly an exhaustive tome on the subject, but more of a dictionary of terms as written by the man himself. It's amusing to see how he rates certain materials and fashions, as well as his unique way of describing everything from Alpaca to Zippers. Shortly after getting this book I had the opportunity to pick up a period Hardy Amies piece and couldn't have been more pleased with it. It's a genuine 1969 sports coat, ventless, in a nice silvery, bluish lilac tone. It's tag says it's made of worsted wool and mohair (which I can't get enough of) and that it's "Made in England". It's little touches like the tag inside, the lack of vents, and the ever popular ticket pocket that make this one of my favorites. I usually like to pair this with a sky blue textured DNA Groove shirt and a pair of my dark blue English mohair trousers I had made up some time ago. Of course, since the outfit is then tones of blue, I opt for a pair of brown chisel toes and matching belt. I will wear this in other combo's, but as for now, that's my favorite. It's all fairly lightweight and makes for good evening wear during the week.

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