Saturday, August 28, 2010

Classic East meets West

As we all know, one of the many American contributions the sartorial world is the Ivy League look. Born of a W.A.S.P.y nature in the east coast and ingrained itself into our society. It's as American as cars and baseball. And like many other American items (like cars and baseball), it's been taken and made into their own by the Japanese. The Japanese are a great lover of all things US, and this includes the Ivy League look. The VAN Jac Company started shortly after the second world war and eventually found itself making uniquely "American" clothing. Hop sack jackets, knitted ties, gingham shirts, chino's, as well as a slew of other garments. One of the many items that VAN does is a great blazer with patch pockets and high three button closure. The cost is a bit prohibitive at the moment, but I can wait. The VAN site is a bit hard to find, and even then, a real bear to read as it's mostly in Japanese (go figure), but if you get a chance I would check them out and see the wonderful clothes they have. For now, I am going to brush up on my foreign languages and start saving my Yen. Sayonara suckers.

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