Monday, August 23, 2010

For Sher,man!

Ok, so on my way to visit my dear parents, I stopped off at Nordstroms Rack to have a gander and anything new they might have. Normally I find great socks, some blazers, shoes, and the occasional Ben Sherman items. I found a nice Benny polo with the script logo (not that crappy shield one they have been using lately) and I rather liked the color. Here's my gripe, how many sizes is Ben Sherman going to have??? I have honestly bought three shirts there in one day, in three different sizes to find the same fit. The have given them cute little names like Carnaby cut, mod cut, even's silly. Maybe it was the booze in me, but I had no tolerance for it that day and walked out. Obviously I like Ben Sherman, but recently they seem to be trying to re-invent themselves and I am not having it. I understand trying to expand and reach newer shoppers, but don't piss off your fan base that has been with you for 50 years. Back in the day, when I listened to my Victrola and rode my bicycle with the one big wheel, one size from a tailor would fit across the board, but now I can buy three mediums from the same brand and have them fit drastically different. No sir, don't care for that one bit.

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