Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Levi's 101

Me and my lady decided to go out tonight to have a few tasty cocktails at a bar we frequent. So I opted for Levi's, a Ben Sherman shirt (go figure) and bowling shoes. I know, not at all what you expected, and really quite lazy for me, but it happened, it's done, and I have to live with it. If it helps at all, this is really bizarre for me. I was born many moons ago (let's say in the first half of the seventies), not exactly ‘Nam veteran old, but old enough. It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I even entertained the idea of buying jeans. As a child, you couldn't put them on me as I would scream bloody murder. I mean, come on, I was the kid wearing button downs and knitted ties to school in the fifth grade! Anyway, I bought a pair and that snowballed, as best if could, to today, in which I own, wait for it, FOUR pairs of jeans. All 501's; three blue and one white. I actually had none for a good while there and then bought a pair about two or three years ago. Then I bought to more to get the sizing down...apparently they shrink?? The white pair was because they were white. If you have a problem with that, you know where to find me. Anyways, even with the huge amount of jeans I have ,I only really wear two. And to tell the truth, I am OK with this. I view them as a necessary evil. One; I am getting older and lazy. Two; I realize they are not only an accepted part of modern wardrobe, but also an almost expected staple. Here's my point (much too late in the story)'s work wear, not proper dress. In my opinion, jeans are cliché. How often have you heard the term, "I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda (girl/guy)"? This translates to; 'I don't care about my appearance". I realize that times change and opinions evolve, but, times change and opinions evolve. What's my obviously repetitive meaning? How many of you appreciate a person who looks good in their appearance and who are NOT a jeans and t-shirt kinda person? I am completely ass-raping Gandhi's ghost with this correlation, but you have to be the change you envision. I honestly feel like I am letting myself down if I were jeans past six o'clock. Here's my new promise; no more jeans in the evening. I said it, it's done, now I have to live up to it. If you live in Austin, and you run into me after that time in jeans, free drink to you. The only reason why manners and class are disappearing in America these days is because we are all to busy digging the grave and burying them. Do you want to fit in, or do you want to look good? Is evening wear an outdated concept? lines are open.

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