Sunday, August 8, 2010

Body Double

Don't get excited, I'm not referring to the Melanie Griffith movie. I am referring, however, to my newest stand in. I have been wanting to display clothes on this site, whether they are my own creation or not. Since I am not very photogenic, I felt that a display mannequin would be the best idea. I stopped off at a auto parts store to get something for my vehicle and behind the store across a very small field was a new and used fixture store for shops. I decided to have a look after looking online for a form for a little while. As soon as I walked in I saw this gem tucked away behind the counter. After seeing what else the man had (in his very hot, non-air conditioned warehouse) I went back to this and felt it was the best one. I bought it and did the awkward walk back to my truck while carrying this in my arms across the previously mentioned field (which was right next to a highway I might add). So, I am pleased to introduce my body double for future posts. Perhaps a "name that mannequin" contest will be had?