Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Britac review

Going over to a friends this evening for a game of cards, as this was an informal gathering among friends and only a few blocks away, I went tres' casual. As I was looking through my closet for a shirt, I saw a shirt I had purchased a while back and thought it might be a good idea to perhaps do a review. The brand is Britac, a shirt company out of Spain I believe. I had seen their stuff before and thought it looked good, so I ordered one and had a go. I would have to say that I was a little disappointed. I opted for a white with light green and lilac check in a short sleeve. They offer a fairly good variety of shirts with some great checks and colors, however, the fit and finish left much to be desired. The material used was a poly cotton blend, and usually I wouldn't really have a problem with this, but for the money paid I felt that it could have been a little better. Now, I went off of their chart to determining the sizing, and to be honest the parts I was concerned with were not an issue, it was actually the sleeves. The waist and chest were just right, but the short sleeves were too tight. Now, I am not trying to sound like the shirt couldn't handle the Guns of Navarone, i.e. my biceps, but it's really made for men with tubular arms like spaghetti. Normally I welcome a slim fit shirt with narrow sleeves, but this was way too much in that end of the spectrum. Now, I would have been willing to give them a second chance, as I understand variance in manufacturing, but I have a friend who ordered a long sleeve from the same outfit, only to have the cuff on one sleeve completely wrong, as in backwards! It seemed like such a good item online, but in person, not so great. I liked their checks, their contrasting collar and cuff long sleeves, and even their shirts with matching pocket squares, but when it came to the follow through, it just didn't make the grade. As of current currency rates, these shirts come out to around $70 a pop for a simple short sleeve, and I just don't see the justification for this. I really liked the idea behind Britac, what they offered style wise, and even their small business stature, but a repeat customer I will not be. It's a shame really, but what's one to do? If you are interested in looking at their wares, try . Your experience may vary from mine, and I welcome emails of better experiences from them, but for now, I was not too terribly impressed.

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