Saturday, September 18, 2010

The daily deal

Once again, the sirens beckoned. Went with Rachel to look for shoes and other goodies for her and while I was waiting by the dressing rooms I had a look around in the men's section of Nordstroms Rack. I looked at the pocket squares with no real intention of buying, but they had these 100% silk squares for $5!! They were Nordstroms own and were pretty fantastic. I mean, if you are going to buy something made in China, you could do a lot worse than silk, I mean, they invented the stuff. I grabbed a handful, but after walking around with them I settled on two. I got a burgundy one to match with a tie I got previously and a pink one for the light grey suit I plan on getting (someday). So, if you like pocket squares, definitely give these a look, you can't go wrong for the price.


  1. I assumed you already had a grey suit! BUT the pocket squares you did choose were mighty fine. Perhaps that light(ish) blue one later, not sure why I chose the pink over that. Instinct? Do I have that yet?

  2. I used to, but got rid of it as it was no longer meeting my style needs :) A light grey suit is a great summer suit and I should start keeping an eye out for you, or at least a good sports coat of the same shade. At the prices they offered those squares at, I'm sure to buy more. I need to also get more patterned ones and not just solids.