Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm into leather.

More than you wanted to know, but not what you think. After some delays and problems, I got my leather tobacco pouch today. Kinda excited. I got a leather roll up tobacco pouch off eBay and the guy originally set me the wrong one, so I contacted him and after a few emails he sent the correct one (without the tool or humidifier disk I might add). I had been taking the tobacco with me in the same little plastic bag they give to you at the store, it worked, but lacked a certain sophistication I thought. I wanted something to carry it all together and have it not look like a tackle box of paraphernalia. The purchase seems to work well for this. The inside is lined with a rubber like plastic and should keep everything fairly fresh once I add the humidifier disk; so here's a shot of it open next to a pipe and tamper, then there's a picture of it rolled up next to a pipe to show size. I think once I get my fancy pants lighter that I have yet to pick out, then I should be complete in the pipe world. For a while at least. My extra favorite part of it? Well, that would have to be the fact that it's made of leather, and it was made in India. Guess those cows aren't so sacred after all.

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