Sunday, September 12, 2010

I was torn, but not torn enough.

Sunday, as usual, I went to my parents to visit and do a little work around the house (it was flooding during this past rainstorm, so I removed their bedroom flooring). Anyways, on the way there I have to past Nordstroms Rack, and I can say first hand that I know what Ulysses felt like when he first heard the Sirens. So, my boat crashed into their parking lot and I went in to have a look around. A lot of nope, nope, and maybes. Just when I was about to leave, I saw some sweaters against the far wall and thumbed through those, nothing still, then I looked down and saw some Ben Sherman short sleeve knits almost hidden away. They looked great and I decided to try them on. I was happy with the fit, but damned it Mr Sherman didn't put his logo's all over the thing. There's the new logo he has, the shield, on the front, and then the traditional script logo on the sleeve. Why can't designers just leave these off??? But, at least they were embroidered in the same color s the back ground material and it wasn't THAT noticeable. I crunched and bought two, a black and a blue one. The pictures don't do them justice. They're 100% cotton that is thin and almost feels like sea island cotton (yes, that fine). If you ever get a chance, try some sea island cotton, makes Egyptian feel like horse hair stuffing. So, they also have an almost woven waffle pattern on the front and the contrasting colors. They don't look as good on the form as in person on yours truly as I am not as barrel chested as my stand in. I liked them so much, that I didn't let the logo's bother me. Plus I figure this is another item I can cross off my list until I write more in....which reminds me, venetian loafers....well great, gotta go update now.


  1. These are, to use an overworked phrase, freakin awesome. Great score.

  2. Thanks!, the picture really doesn't do them justice, hopefully once I get a better camera it will help. They look kinda golf shirtish here, but it's not the case in person. Thanks again for all your help the other day, would have been almost impossible without your help and direction.