Monday, September 13, 2010

Me Chinese, me play Joker.

Childish? Unoriginal? Maybe slightly racist? Probably, but I could not resist that title for this one. Either way, I think I have gone completely off the deep end on my latest possible addition. Don't ask me how, when, or why, but I was playing on eBay, as you do, and I ran across this jacket as part of a Joker costume from China. Here's the deal, you send them your measurements, they make this and send to you, pretty simple. I know it's part of a costume and not meant for actually everyday use. I know its modeled off a comic book super villain. And yes, I know its probably such a bad idea, but I just can't stop thinking of it. I think it looks awesome and I would probably wear it out. I dig the color, the lapels, the size of the pocket flaps, etc etc....the lining looks a bit cheap, but that can always be replaced. I don't know. Am I completely crazy for considering this?? Oh, and I wouldn't wear the gloves.....that's a bit too strangler/rapist for me.

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