Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raccoon coats and penants.

My how things have changed, and I am not convinced for the better. I was looking at a french blog the other day and the author posted a few pages from what appears to be a 1962 Esquire magazine. The picture definately said more than the tiny exert at the bottom, but basically its a picture of a couple of clothing racks which is said to be the "basic college wardrobe", from 1962 that is. They address how the jackets are to look that year (this is assuming that everyone wears a jacket) and how many shirts you should have and what color. Shoes, hats, ties, etc are all shown in the picture. I thought to myself how many college men these days even own a single suit or jacket. It sounds pesimistic, but I doubt the average college student would even know how to buy one. I am almost tempted to go to a college campus and see if I can find one single person dressed well, and by well I mean something other than jeans or shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, aka crap. I mean, what's wrong with showing others respect by dressing before you head out fo the door? Why is comfort in clothing to the point of almsot visual laziness the main goal of the day? My new promise; never to buy anything that would be described as a "graphic tee", anything that is "relax fit", and never to wear a pair of flip flops in any place that is not a beach or a poolside. Now I know that those of you who know me, know that this is a pretty easy promise for me, but let's just say I want to get it down on paper. I need to find someway of challenging todays men of dressing a little better each day, until this kind of ad is run in Esquire again.

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