Friday, September 17, 2010

Grown Up Garanimals

Recently I wrote about getting some new ties and throwing out old ones (by the way, anyone need a bag of old skinny ties?). As I was going through my old ones and deciding who made the cut and who didn't, I ran across a brand of ties that I remember buying a lot, Wembley. They were usually all silk and had some nice colors or patterns to them. But the one feature I recall the most, was that one the back of the ties, they usually had they're little tag with their name and then a small tag below it, telling you what color suit to wear it with, "wear with brown or olive suit" or "wear with blue or black suit". This always cracked me up. I mean, was this such a hard thing to do? I know these ties were made a while back, but seriously? I included a sample advert from them and you can even see the fabled "color guide" being advertised. All I could think of was Garanimals. If you aren't familiar with this, Garanimals is a brand of children's clothing that started back in the early seventies and the concept was that children could dress themselves by matching tags on clothing items with animals. So, a pair of shorts might have a giraffe label inside, so you could wear it with any other Garanimals shirt that had a giraffe as well. There were hippos, bears, zebra's etc etc. Basically this was what Wembley was doing, ...dressing children. On the other hand, I have seen men wear some god awful suit and tie combo's that make me think that either Wembley needs to make a come back or Garanimals needs a new adult line.

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