Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This world isn't black and white....

So why should your socks? It seems that most men have two sock colors, black dress or white sports. Is that it? Really? The space between your shoe and trouser hem is virtually untapped marketing space. It has tremendous possibilities! I wore the black knit that I recently bought out to cards the other night and this particular knit has accents of blue, yellow, and white within the shirt. I opted to pair it with some grey mohair trousers I had and black shoes. This was looking a little too somber and I felt it needed to be brightened up, so I reached for the old faithful, the socks. Think of socks as pocket squares for when you are not wearing a jacket. I had a pair of yellow socks with a grey window pane pattern that matched the trousers and the yellow from the knit perfectly. Every step showed a glimpse of these beauties. As I sat, just enough sock showed to catch your eye and complete the outfit. Once again, the picture does not do it justice. Now, I am not saying to run out and buy a bunch of kooky colored rainbow socks ala Doug Henning or Gallagher. You have to put some thought into it and match it with a tone represented elsewhere in your garb, otherwise you'll end up looking like...well, Doug Henning or Gallagher. But there are so many colors to choose from and with a little looking, you'll find them. I picked a few pairs from my own closet to show what's readily available. The pink and yellow are Pantherellas (expensive, but awesome), the bright blue I got at a pimp store (it's great living on the east side), the red were some dead stock vintage, and honestly I forget what brand the striped ones were. The good thing about socks is that they are relatively inexpensive and so you have room to experiment.  So take a chance, and give it a go. (obligatory "sock 'it to them" remark was removed for matters of good taste)

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