Monday, September 6, 2010


My father was a pipe smoker and I picked up the habit as well. Recently he gave it up due to various reasons, but his decision has been my good fortune. After my last visit to my parents house, I was given a large wooded box full of pipe, pipe tools, tobacco, various lighters, and other paraphernalia. I took stock of my new windfall and found out that I had scored big time;
  • 3 Peterson of Ireland pipes
  • A Soren, Knute, and a Stanwell all from Denmark
  • A Savinelli, Armellini, and a H.I.S. from Italy
  • A good ol' Dr. Graybow
  • A wellington from the US
The center middle one is one that I had been smoking for a few years now, and it's one that my father hand made and of course my favorite. There were some more but I felt this was more than enough to show off. As soon as the workshop is back to operation it's going to be a week of cleaning and polishing these babies. The only thing I need now is a proper tobacco pouch (on it's way via post I might add) and a good lighter. I have been eyeing the IM Corona pipemaster form quite some time now, so it's been a done deal as far as I am concerned, just waiting for the right deal to turn up. Until then, it's off to enjoy a nice smoke and enjoy the rest of my evening. Ta ta old bean.


  1. ...and now you have a nice pouch coming. wish you could eBay cooler weather.

  2. I know, I am hoping it will come tomorrow. I have a feeling sports coat and blazer weather isn't too far off. I will post on the tobacco pouch once it arrives.