Sunday, October 17, 2010

What was worn, saturday night

Went out for drinks with Rachel and friends last night despite the fact that it was Saturday night, which is usually the breeding season for knobs. I went with a blue multi stripe boating blazer, white DNA groove shirt, black mohair trousers with frog mouth pockets, chisel shoes and plain socks. Rachel wore the new blue with white trim romper I had got her with white shoes. My friend Bill sported an Adam of London purple suit with covered buttons and a nice pair of leather slip-ons. Savannah sported a brownish tartan dress with a nice pair of earrings (sorry girls, I didn't notice the shoes). Rachel mentioned that several people came up to say their hello's, then promptly left as they looked awful in comparison. I somehow don't feel bad about this. Are all my (and my friends) efforts working? I wonder how many of them will try and dress a little better next time out. Off to parents for a bit and I going to try and successfully avoid clothing stores along the way. Yeah, I know....pretty much not happening.

By the way, camera is probably in New Zealand at the moment, (don't ask), but a new one is being scoped out. Soon to have pictures again!

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