Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now accepting contributions

In order to feed my obsession with clothes, I will gladly accept contributions in the way of cash, checks, paypal, loose change, IOU's, Discover card, or live chickens in a bag. Yeah, I didn't think you'd go for it either. I went virtual shoe shopping today and have decided I need more corduroy shoes. Why? Because they are awesome! I have run across these two, both by the same maker, and decided they need to be mine. Fortunate for me, they are both fairly inexpensive (under $100). The brand is IKON and I have heard all kinds of mixed reviews on them. I have decided to go ahead and get a pair and decide for myself, and perhaps review them here. The first pair is a chocolate brown corded shoe with whip stitch detailing. They appear to be an almost "dressy" cord shoe with the classic heel and squarish toe which gives them a pretty sharp look. The second pair is a collaboration between IKON and Paolo Hewitt and have a distinct desert boot feel to them. They only come in one color, bottle green, which to be honest, I like. They appear to have leather laces and square eyelets and a crepe sole similar to the Clark's Wallabees. This last pair is a very casual boot that has a limited range of what you can wear with it due to it's color, but I don't care to tell the truth. The only real problem, apart from scrounging up the budget for these, is really deciding which one to get first (or at all depending on the quality). Any suggestions?

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